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Nightshade Gown

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Hello friends! This is just a mashup I made that I decided to share. It has a bunch of dye options on install (or in penumbra), with a mix of true to color, lighter, or darker options, as well as black or white dress trim/underskirt. I have tried to reduce clipping as much as possible, but it will probably still clip with some poses or body scales, I’m sorry! The dress is on the Ishgardian Gown. All tall females. The shape is vanilla with bibo+ skin.

I hope you have fun living some pretty dress fantasies! ♡

Note: This uses the updated bibo+ 2.1.



Hair – Taion by Vermillion (highlights personal)

Sculpt – Personal

Necklace – Lupin Necklace

Makeup – commission by softbunnywife

You will get a TTMP2 (3MB) file