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Early Access to custom-made outfits and accessories

I make historic-themed custom clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories! Sometimes I also make props, tattoos, hairs, or whatever else catches my interest!

Subscribing here is a special way to support me as an artist, and you'll get access to everything I make each month while it's in early access! I will make at least one clothing creation a month, along with anything else I come up with!

As a self-employed artist, your support means the world to me! It helps me have the time and resources to continue to make pretty things! Thank you so much for visiting!

Current early access items:

Support Options:

Supporter Tier

per month
  • Early access to at least one clothing mod each month
  • Early access to any additional outfit/hair/accessory mods I make
  • Access to all my current early access work

Extra Support Tier

per month
  • All the early access of the previous tier's benefits, plus:
  • Try out WIPs pre-release (which will be updated as they are completed)
  • Vote on design ideas for new outfits I want to design