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I reserve the right to change these terms as I deem necessary. I reserve the right to ban specific creators from using my work.

By downloading and using my content, you agree to these terms. These terms supersede any others on my website or content, including prior terms and agreements.

Terms of Use


⁍ Private edits are always okay!

⁍ Please publish edits and upscales as "model only" addons when possible!

⁍ Please contact for permission if you want to port to another game!

⁍ You can use my work in paid commissions such as upscales/ports! Your commissioned artist does not need to purchase a second copy if they don't use want to use my artwork for themselves!

⁍ Please do not otherwise publish or share my work anywhere else unless I give permission or state otherwise!

⁍ Please do not use my content in any art or content pertaining to pedophilia, bestiality, or bigotry

⁍ Please note that I’m not perfect, there might be clipping, but I’ve tried my best

⁍ No refunds on my digital artwork, I'm sorry! (exception: sculpts)


⁍ You can use my sculpt textures as bases for paid commissions or makeups, but please do not otherwise reuse my sculpt assets for other projects!

⁍ Please feel free to share with your partner or a close friend/RP partner!

⁍ Please free to ask for a refund if you don't like the sculpt!