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I reserve the right to change these terms as I deem necessary. I reserve the right to ban specific creators from using my work.

By downloading and using my content, you agree to these terms. These terms supersede any others on my website or content, including prior terms and agreements.

Terms of Use


⁍ Private edits are okay!

⁍ Please contact me for permission before publishing an edit, and never publish an edit of something that isn’t publicly released

⁍ Do not use my work without permission in any paid commissions or Patreon, or port to any other game

⁍ Do not share, redistribute, or publish my work anywhere else unless I specifically state otherwise

⁍ Do not use my content in any art or content pertaining to pedophilia, bestiality, or bigotry

⁍ Please note that I’m not perfect, there might be clipping, but I’ve tried my best

⁍ No refunds on my digital artwork (exception: sculpts)


⁍ Do not use my sculpt assets without permission unless otherwise stated here, but you may privately edit this sculpt

⁍ You may commission makeup(s) for the sculpt. You don't have to buy two copies to do so. Please use the included .obj files for setup and please let me know if that setup does not work for you and you need something different

⁍ Do not use my work as a base for other sculpts or faces, but you can use the included textures as a base for makeups for the sculpt, including for paid works like paid makeups or commissions