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Please feel free to join the rue+ hub discord for conversion requests, rue+ mod releases, and rue+ community finds!

Heliosphere (auto-updating) download here.


For best compatibility between modded textures and vanilla gear, please install Atramentum Luminis and enable Bibo+ textures on slot A. Set the priority higher than any body or skin mods you use.

Rue+ is a soft and curvy body with hip dips and weight added around the stomach area. It's meant to be a realistic way to approach a midsize body, and while optional, it's intended to be used with customize+ body scales. The body is named rue+ because it's inspired by rubenesque bodies from classical art; it's meant to be soft, curvy, and natural.

Rue+ is based on Yet Another Body+ 4.0's new topology and has a unique belly seam, so it won't be compatible with non-rue+ 2.0 torsos/legs (it is compatible with other hands and feet). Because of how extensive the new changes are, rue+ 2.0 is not compatible with rue+ 1.0 pieces.

Because customize+ now allows layered scaling, I included modular scales that can be loaded on top of each other: torso, breasts, arms, and legs!

For more texture options I recommend installing Bibo+.


◽ Smallmedium, & large chest sizes, with optional buff arms

◽ Watermelon and Skull Crusher legs with 3 genitalia options, with small butt options

◽ Rue hands with short, long (original), and stabby (extra-long) nail options

◽ Regular and IVCS Hand options

◽ Feet with the rue shape and improved ankle weights

◽ A selection of pubic hair from Korbo's pubic hair pack

◽ Compatibility with Korbo's Better Pubes Framework

◽ Compatibility with YAB's Piercings, which has 5 custom nipple piercings & 2 navel ones

◽ Custom, optional textures with stretch marks and cellulite

◽ Customize+ scalers. These come as .pose files you can import with C+.

Recommended Priority Order:

1. IVCS Skeleton (if using IVCS hands)

2. Rue+

3. Korbo's Better Pubes Framework (optional)

4. Yet Another Piercing+ (optional)

6. Atramentum Luminis

Customize+ is a Dalamud plugin that lets you apply body scaling at all times and gives you a lot of options for customizing your character. Yet Another Body+ is meant to be used with the included ones for the intended look, but they can also serve as a template for creating your own.

For support regarding C+, please visit their server.


▫️ Main preview uses medium breasts and watermelon crusher legs.

▫️ Blush used is part of Longerrpig's Ephelis skin textures 

▫️ Buff arms are not vanilla compatible and will clip with some unmodded medium and long gloves.

▫️ The custom Rue+ normals are not gen3 compatible

▫️ A combined YAB/Rue+ devkit and texture kit is in the works, please be patient!

▫️ I am also still working on 4k versions of the stretch mark overlays

▫️ FFXIV bodies are built into clothing, so you'll need clothes fit to rue+ to see it when you're not naked

Permissions (inherits YAB's):

You will get the following files:
  • TTMP2 (732MB)
  • ZIP (138KB)
  • ZIP (27KB)