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Protea Earrings for Hyur & Roe

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This is a reimagining of an old set of earrings I made. I redid all of my gem methods and textures so I hope you like them! They are fit to Midlander, Highlander, and Roe ears. I tried my best to fit them to all the vanilla ears because they're all a bit different! They should line up with similar sculpt ears, at least mostly! Everything is colorset, so you can edit it to your liking! 

I am working on finalizing versions for other races, but they're all unique so they will be separately posted when they are ready <3

  • 6 metal colors
  • Premade gemstone options, plus dye options
  • Weighted so the chains sway slightly, but I tried to avoid going overboard because they get wild when you move a lot otherwise
  • If you're using preset poses, sometimes the earring bones are off in the wilderness somewhere in premade poses, so just be aware ;-;

Early access - Public Release July 30, 2024

Also available via monthly membership here or on ko-fi.


I've done my best with weights, but I'm not perfect!

Made in Substance Painter/Photoshop/Blender

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You will get the following files:
  • TTMP2 (3MB)
  • PMP (2MB)