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Ella Dress & Heels

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Please join the Sanguine Rose discord for additional sizes! I have a community upscale channel there where I will post upscales sent to me in the future!

Update 7 May 2024: Added YAB/rue+ mini sizes (top YAB+ mini, top rue+ mini), pictured on the right here:

Ella is a set with a pretty ballgown and matching high heels. I tried hard to get a shimmery fabric that sparkles!

Early access - Public Release August 5, 2024

Also available via monthly membership here or on ko-fi.

Fit to YAB 4.0 & Rue 2.0

  • S/M/L + Buff Options
  • Scaling friendly, but may clip with extreme scales

The TTMP2 is a standard modpack, while the PMP has compressed textures for use with penumbra.


  • 3 separate fabric options each for the shoulders/main gown textures
  • Lots of dye options, and everything is colorset
  • Sleeveless option
  • Will clip with bigger scaled legs due to skirt bone limitations in game (they don't scale with your booty) - please check out this guide by Miette on how to alleviate it! With the new c+ you can add a skirt bone overlay to your profile so any and all skirts you put on will give you the clearance you need. :)


  • Set to rue+ & YAB+ feet
  • 3 fabric options
  • Lots of dye options, everything is colorset, and lots of metals set up for the chains/buckle
  • Offset built in for use with Simple Heels plugin - you need it or the bottoms of the heels will clip into the ground. Having the plugin with a profile for your character should automatically adjust the height when you equip the shoes!


I've done my best with weights, but I'm not perfect! I will reweight the skirt with the higher bone limit when they are available after the expansion.

Made in MD/Substance Painter/Photoshop/Blender

Body credit: Aleks for the YAB & Rue bodies

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You will get the following files:
  • TTMP2 (298MB)
  • PMP (83MB)