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Ivette Bra & Panties

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Please join the Sanguine Rose discord for additional sizes! I have a community upscale channel there where I will post upscales sent to me in the future!

Edit 17 April 2024:

Added Bimbo upscale by Charmin Fluff ♡ Thank you so much!

(Bimbo: This is a supplemental modpack so you still need the original, in S/M/L chest sizes & Bimbo legs)

Edit 6 May 2024:

Added YAB/rue Mini sizes (tops+buff, bottoms+small butt) pictured here on the right (vs OG rue+scaling on the left)

Ivette is a panty/bra set on the Emperor's New Shirt & Breeches and on the SmallClothes Body & Legs!

Early access - Public Release July 7, 2024

Also available via monthly membership here or on ko-fi.

  • Fit to YAB 4.0 & Rue 2.0
  • S/M/L + Buff Options
  • Watermelon & Skull Crushers + Small Options
  • Scaling friendly, but may clip with extreme scales
  • 11 Texture options for the bras & panties each
  • Everything is dyeable & colorset
  • Preset colorsets have standard true/light/dark dye (+pattern variant) options, as well as options with white or black lace

The bottoms have Better Pube Framework ("BPF") compatibility. This means that you either need BPF, YAB+ (comes with the framework), or Rue+ 2.0 (comes with the framework) installed, or your bottoms will be invisible.


I've done my best with weights, but I'm not perfect!

Made in MD/Substance Painter/Photoshop/Blender

Body credit: Aleks for the YAB & Rue bodies

Thank you everyone in the preview pics for letting me steal your OCs for pics!

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You will get the following files:
  • PMP (100MB)
  • TTMP2 (115MB)
  • TTMP2 (3MB)