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Mirabel Gown

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A renaissance-style gown for midlander-based female bodies, which replaces the Ishgardian Gown.

⁍ Four patterns, and you can choose different ones for the overdress and underskirt: a silk or linen base (solid); velvet (solid); unicorn brocade (patterned); and forest brocade (patterned)

⁍ Multiple dye options, in flat color (like a linen), shiny (like a softer silk), and very shiny (like a satin, but the game restraints cause colors to be somewhat darker)

⁍ Fitted to bibo+ lithe (medium top, large/bibo+ calf bottoms)

Made in MD/Substance Painter/Blender. Body credit: ✧ lye for lithe+; Tsar, Illy Does Things and bizu for the original Bibo+

Huge thank you to Meru for the cover image! 🥺

You will get a TTMP2 (142MB) file