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Edit 12/6/23: Added Lithe+ Small + Vanilla bottom by Dani

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This is a comfy lounge set for femme characters! I added YAB to the body sizes - It's on S/M/L tops and Watermelon Crusher legs, along with Lithe/Rue+. I will try to add a buff version when I get the devkit ironed out.

I have a few more versions planned - they are historically inspired in a mix of styles, and I'd like them to be mix & matchable! They are named after a remarkable friend! 


⁍ Four texture options for the overdress, each in different degrees of sheerness (silk -> lace)

⁍ Multiple dye options, in light, true, or dark options, as well as white/black lace options

⁍ Set to:

- Rue+ & Lithe+

- YAB S/M/L (not buff) & WM Crusher Legs

⁍ This ended up with 15 separate models due to elezen & roe's scaling - I wanted them to look the best they could, so I remade each of the versions for them. I have tested all of them with different scales, poses, heights, and bust sizes, so please forgive me if there's still any clipping in extreme poses/scales

Made in MD/Substance Painter/Photoshop/Blender. Body credit: ✧ lye for lithe+; Tsar, Illy Does Things and bizu for the original Bibo+; Aleks for the YAB body

You will get a TTMP2 (100MB) file