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This outfit has four combination options - you can wear it with or without the undershirt, and with or without the apron panel. I went ahead and put the apron panel, undershirt, and dress on separate pieces so you can dye them separately. Please note that the dress has two size options - one is bigger to accommodate the undershirt, while the other one is more skintight so it doesn't look like it's floating without it! 

hair is a WIP coming soon! 


⁍ Four texture options for the overdress; two for the belt

⁍ Multiple dye options, in light, true, or dark options, as well as gold/silver colorsets

⁍ Set to Rue+ & Lithe+ // Nymph version by Kenzo!

⁍ Will clip with bigger scaled legs due to skirt bone limitations in game - please check out this guide on how to alleviate it! I recommend using vanilla bottoms with narrower dresses because they have no padding and don't clip nearly as badly! 


⁍ Multiple dye options, in light, true, or dark options


- F Hyur, Elezen, Miqo, Au Ra, Viera, Roe:

Fitted to Lithe+ (medium, large bottoms, bibo+ calves)

Fitted to Rue+

Fitted to Nymph (in the HuaJi discord)


Made in MD/Substance Painter/Photoshop/Blender. Body credit: ✧ lye for lithe+; Tsar, Illy Does Things and bizu for the original Bibo+

You will get the following files:
  • TTMP2 (135MB)
  • TTMP2 (150MB)
  • TTMP2 (150MB)