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Edit 1/11/23: Add dyeable/colorset options.

An upscale of Westlaketea's griffes 3.0 to the rue+ hand shape. I included the small version as well because it's cute!


  • Clawed hands in 4 sizes - small, default, long, and wicked
  • Clawed feet

On the emperor's new gloves & boots, smallclothes hands & feet, and claws of the beast.

Westlaketea's Griffe perms:

· You can freely customize or use this mod as resource,

or anything you want, just credit [Westlaketea].

· When you make a mod with Griffes claws, put them in a separate mesh group and assign these materials:

TB2/TBSE: /mt_c0101b0001_griffes.mtrl

Bibo+: /mt_c0201b0091_griffes.mtrl


Tsar, Illy Does Things and bizu for original Bibo+

You will get a TTMP2 (15MB) file