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Hello friends! This is just yet another mashup I made that I decided to share. Just a soft fall dress with some optional accessories, including a scarf and an apron and just some recolored/dyable versions of the Far Eastern Schoolgirl Boots.

Everything has a bunch of dye options on install (or in penumbra), with a mix of true to color, lighter, or darker options. I have tried to reduce clipping as much as possible, but it will probably still clip with some poses or body scales, I’m sorry! The dress is on the Majestic Gown; the apron is on the Yokai Watch; the scarf is on the Wayfarer’s Necklace; and the shoes are just recolored/dyeable versions of the Far Eastern Schoolgirl’s Boots. All tall females. The shape is vanilla with bibo+ skin.

I hope you have fun living some cottagecore/fall fantasies! ♡

Note: This uses the updated bibo+ 2.1.


Hair, sculpt, jewelry – Personal

You will get the following files:
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