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Fitzwilliam Outfit (TBSE)

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Update 12/6/23: Thank you so much to Ephy for the TBSE-X upscale! (Midlander-based, bulge only)

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⁍ Public: November 30, 2023

Update: Added boots fit to TBSE-X legs, upscaled by Enyo!

It's finally here!!! It took me a long time to smooth out all the wrinkles, and I ended up making several versions of the models, so hopefully it makes up a bit for how long this took!

This is a regency-inspired set for TBSE users - including Highlanders. I've done my best to make sure they're functional, but extreme poses & scales might cause clipping!


⁍ Vest & Untucked shirt model options

⁍ Four vest textures: brocade, velvet, cotton, and plaid

⁍ Multiple colorsets - you can choose separate dye/color options for the shirt and the vest (if using), and I included some black/white options along with light/true/dark dye color combinations


⁍ Tucked (for boots, or for a knee-length look) and untucked model options

⁍ Multiple dye options, in light, true, and dark

⁍ Designed to be used with or without a shirt

Bulgeless & non-bulgeless versions available


⁍ Designed to be used alone or with the tucked pants

⁍ Multiple dye options, including solid true/light/dark, split dyes with black & brown details, and undyeable black, brown, and split (historically-styled) brown/black

⁍ Fitted to:

- M Hyur, Elezen, Miqo, Au Ra, Viera:

Fitted to TBSE by Tzar

Made in Substance Painter/Photoshop/Blender. Body credit: Tsar for TBSE

You will get the following files:
  • TTMP2 (94MB)
  • TTMP2 (13MB)
  • TTMP2 (120MB)