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Blaire Rings (rue+, lithe/bibo+)

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Public 4/10/24

These rings comes in 3 options - both rings together, or each separately. They are on the left and right eternity rings.

They have gem colorsets and a moonstone one I was experimenting with. The colored gems (not the moonstone) are dyeable, but I also made some more intense basic gemstones (ruby, emerald, sapphire, morganite, citrine) because the dyes don't change the specular as nicely. I also added metal colorsets, so you can pick between gold, silver, or tarnished silver, or make your own in penumbra.

Made from scratch in blender, substance painter, and photoshop.

Fitted to:

- M Hyur, Elezen, Miqo, Au Ra, Viera:

Fitted to TBSE by Tsar

- F Hyur, Elezen, Miqo, Au Ra, Viera, Roe:

  • Fitted to the Rue+ hands by me
  • Fitted to Lithe+ by lye/bibo+ by illy/tsar

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