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Vanir | Highlander Male Face 3 Edit

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Hi friends!

I am a big fan of Highlanders and took a bit of time to make an edit to male face no.3 to add eyebrows and a better beard. One eyebrow has a slit for the scar. I also decided to go ahead and give the face custom scars and fit it with my Pearly White 3D teeth. The beard and brows are fully dyeable.

The base of this face uses Spiswel's asymmetric mod with Miette's HD textures. The beard and brows have shapekeys, so they change regardless of your Highlander's look.


  • @ThostensonVilem for being kind enough to let me use his character as a model (1st and 4th pics)
  • Teeth are my Pearly Whites
  • The female model in the 4th pic is my Etienne sculpt
  • Male tattoo is Xan's Nordic Tattoo
  • Female tattoo is my Beatha tattoo
  • Male clothes by Solona
  • Male bodies by Tsar and Rayrei
  • Female clothes & body by Remi
  • Female hair by Mint
  • Eyes are my Bright Eyes and Mimi's Cat eyes
You will get a TTMP2 (33MB) file