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Etienne Sculpt

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This is an asymmetric 3D Sculpt for use on any Midlander or Highlander F face. It contains many new assets I have been working on for my sculpts because I like the style! The ears are baked from new ears and the eyeballs are newly-made and more realistically textured.

This includes a sculpt, piercing set, and facepaint set.




New Hyur or Helezen ears

Base or smokey diffuses

Unique multi for compatibility with lip colors & dark skin colors

Central or vanilla iris heterochromia

Brows & lashes with different dye options (hair dye or tattoo dye, with black lash options)

Vanilla-style toggleable moles

New teeth

New eyes eyeball textures

Unique iris specular and catchlight (easy to replace in penumbra)



✕ Shape key data - that means this sculpt will look the same regardless of the nose, mouth, etc. you chose in character creator

✕ Face tattoos

✕ Vanilla 2D teeth

✕ Reaper eyes


Face paints:

Mole style adds small moles around the face and neck

Freckle style adds soft freckles across the nose



Piercing sets fit to both styles of ear

On the dahlia corsages (hat) or the peach blossoms (earrings)

Metal is colorset, gems are dyeable


Other notes:

Face UVs are Midlander 1. The sculpt is asymmetrical so any makeup will need to be edited by mirroring it. The sculpt’s features have changed from vanilla, so I can’t guarantee how makeups fit to vanilla faces or other sculpts will look on this one.

Brow and mole UVs are new and will not fit other brows or lashes.

The teeth are a licensed asset edited to fit in the game.

Terms of Service | By downloading, you agree to these terms.


Do not use my sculpt assets without permission unless otherwise stated here, but you may privately edit this sculpt

You may commission makeup(s) for the sculpt. You don't have to buy two copies to do so. Please use the included .obj files for setup and please let me know if that setup does not work for you and you need something different

Do not use my work as a base for other sculpts or faces, but you can use the included textures as a base for makeups for the sculpt, including for paid works like paid makeups or commissions


If you don't like it, please let me know and I'll be happy to give you a refund. Please read all the details, look at all the previews, and watch the YouTube video before you purchase so you are sure you want it.

You will get the following files:
  • TTMP2 (8MB)
  • TTMP2 (54KB)
  • ZIP (31MB)
  • ZIP (31MB)
  • ZIP (31MB)
  • ZIP (31MB)
  • ZIP (31MB)
  • ZIP (31MB)
  • ZIP (31MB)
  • ZIP (31MB)
  • ZIP (31MB)
  • ZIP (13MB)