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This is just a simple pair of presets I use that give some depth without changing the game's base colors. They are not beefy and not glowy, unlike my other ones.

Things to note:

  • How well they run depends on your PC (mine keeps 60FPS with them on)
  • There is no ADOF, but I kept a cinematic DOF in the list that is mouse-driven for blur if you want it
  • Vertical previewer is in the list and will let you preview a vertical layout, and the aspect ratio previewer is set to the twitter crop (4:3) so you can get an idea of where to center your actors so they don't get cut off if you want to share screenies (aspect ratio does not get hidden in screenshots)

I hope you have fun! You can use #elegyglows if you want me to see your screenshots

To install: Drop the vita folder into your reshade-presets folder - it should be in your game folder, depending on how you set your reshade up. You can find a guide about setting up reshade for ffxiv here. I use the gshade backup.


⁍ This is free – do not reupload it anywhere for profit

⁍ Private edits are okay!

⁍ Please don't claim as your own, or use as a basis for your work

You will get a ZIP (2MB) file