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Hi! This is a port of Sims 4 hair I made for one of my characters. I decided to make it available on most female races (unfortunately not Viera and Miqo'te because their ears do not like skin-tight scalps). It has basic highlights. The model in the first picture is my Nia sculpt.

This hair is semi-hat compatible, which means it looks nice in most hats and doesn't in super tight-fitting hats or hoods (because the hair is rather large and I wanted to retain the puffs even in hats). Because the hair is long, expect it to clip, but the weights do look nice.


  • Hair: Tonka Sims 4 hair by luutzi
  • Eyes: My Bright Eyes mod
  • Clothing: Remi, Crow, Dolly

You will get a TTMP2 (36MB) file