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Update: I added specific eyes for certain characters with a certain reason for having cool glowing eyes during certain cutscenes! The glow is achieved with Atrementum Luminis, but that's totally optional - they still have a unique texture without it.

Thank you Eli for letting me know I missed them & for being a lifesaver and giving me the character paths for the eye updates!

Atramentum Luminis:

Updated to current patch 7/1/23. 

This is a big eye pack I made/have been making for a long time, intended to improve gameplay with better, more immersive eyes. I made unique eyes for all races/clans, including Padjal and Garlean. I also made unique versions for several specific NPCs. I also created a normal map and unique catchlights - one for most races, and one specially fitted to Hrothgar. 

I've updated several of the eye textures, updated the normal map, and ensured all NPCs are covered by the modpack. 

I have included loose versions of all textures, and a modpack that will replace every eye texture in the game except for the Ancients. *Please note that the modpack works by editing most iris materials so that the paths are to shared textures instead of copying the same textures over and over. I HIGHLY recommend using it with penumbra so you can limit the scope of the modpack to male/female players/NPCs (apart from your character).*


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