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Birdie Hair - V4 (+ Accessory)

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Public 2/29/24

Hello!!! This is the fourth part of the hair series I have been working! It has a similar texture to Birdie I in case you are interested in having several hairs that fit a look for RP or story! It has the main hair and then a version with a braided bun in the back. I've also made an accessory headpiece with seven optional, toggleable parts: a bow, a ribbon, three laurel headbands, leaf barrettes, flower barrettes, a snood, and pearls to decorate the snood

⁍ Miqo has standard, earless, and one with ear holes for humanoid ears (like elf ears) (may need adjustments depending on your fit!)

⁍ Au Ra's face tendrils are fit around the horns, and the ponytail is fit above them, which also should fit humanoid ears if you're using them

⁍ Viera have a standard option with covered ear holes, and then one fit to the hyur viera ears on xma

⁍ Elezen's hair is fit to curve around their ears so it doesn't clip

⁍ Subtle ombre highlights - this hair was not highlight friendly to work with but I did my best

Hair notes:

- This is a LM mashup/major edit, so please bear in mind that it looks best with shaders without ADOF/MXAO because of the many layers of transparency. It is very soft!! In reshade you can toggle those options off in the shader list

- FFXIV has a hard time with transparency, so the hair will look somewhat see-through when in front of anything that has transparency, or any in-game vfx effects like glows or cold breath

- Highlights look best with very complimentary colors, and I recommend using Palette+ to pick them

- All races use the L/R hair bones for posing, then 2 ex. bones for the over the shoulder ponytail

- Not hat compatible

Accessory notes:

- The bow, if you're using it, uses hair A & B bones for posing (the two main ones down the back)

- The modpack uses metadata toggles so you can pick what parts of the accessory you want visible. I have attached a screenshot of where the toggles are located, after you hit "Advanced Editing" in penumbra - The metadata toggle is already set up under "Necessary Files"!


Major Praline for the Alpha & Miqo textures; Naori for the publicly available hair textures from xma

Toru for the original rips


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