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Birdie Hair - V1

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Public: 11/2/23

Hello!!! This is a hair I have been dreaming of for a long time - it's version 1, and I have 2 additional braided back versions that in the works (the fitting takes quite awhile unfortunately, but I do think it is worthwhile). I have fun plans for hair accessories in the future also, after I finish some other versions! I really like the idea of hair continuity, so I have these 3 long/down ones, then several bun/ponytail/braid options in the works as well, with similar hair texture/continuity

⁍ Main model options: no front braids, left braid only, right braid only, and both front braids

⁍ Miqo & Au Ra have earless/hornless options

⁍ Au Ra has options depending on your face/horn shape to minimize clipping

⁍ Elezen has been adjusted for the ears to poke through without clipping

⁍ Ombre highlights (highlight at ends)

Hair notes: 

- This is a LM mashup/major edit, so please bear in mind that it looks best with shaders without ADOF/MXAO because of the many layers of transparency. It is very fluffy!! In reshade you can toggle those options off in the shader list

- Highlights look best with very complimentary colors, and I recommend using Palette+ to pick them

- The models for all characters except Viera use 3 ex bones down the back for posing, so please be aware for use with Anamnesis that you have to go to the additional bones section to adjust them (they are easily visible in Ktisis, however)

- Viera use a different skeleton that is still quite flowy, but that model uses the two standard hair bones in the back plus an additional 3 ex bones to achieve that look, so please be aware for posing 

- Because I included so many options, I separated the modpacks to reduce size/hopefully make it easier to read through. Please only pick one option per race, and please forgive me for going overboard again 


Major Praline for the Alpha & Miqo textures; Naori for the publicly available hair textures from xma

Toru for the original rips 

Thank you to Toru for letting me spam you with pictures, and thank you to Beks, Tetsu, and Ahsara for testing for me! 

You will get a ZIP (167MB) file