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Hi friends!

This is a fun addon to my Bright Eyes eye pack - it's a set of 5 speculars, 1 white catchlight, and 5 colorful catchlights, inspired by crazy anime looks that I enjoy. They are pretty over the top, especially the colorful catchlights, so expect some interesting looks. These come in standard and lala proportions.

I took pictures of each specular with the ultra-anime standard catchlight, then with a colorful catchlight to show how it looks, and I did so in order - specular 1 with colorful catchlight 1, etc. In order of photos, the eye colors are light purple, light blue, light orange, light aqua, and pale pink. I included a picture of a lala to show the specular in lala-proportion and because they are cute.

You can always find me on twitter @elegyworks. I'd love to see your screenshots! Have fun! ♡

Original Bright Eyes pack & global replacement modpack can be found here.


To install: In textools, open the expandable menus to navigate to your character's type: Character → Face → (Race & sex). Choose your character's face number from the dropdown list in "Face Number." Change "Material" to the "iri_a" slot. The normal file goes in "Normal," the specular file goes in "Multi" and the catchlight goes in "Reflection." Hit the "..." next to "Import at the bottom of the window, navigate to where you saved the files, and import them.

Note: If you want unique textures, you can go to the eye material and click "edit material." If you click "make unique," the textures will be unique to that particular face. You can then import a normal map, specular, and catchlight as explained above. If you don't do this, replacing the catchlight for one character will replace them for all characters because they share the file.

You will get a ZIP (7MB) file