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This tattoo is supposed to be alchemical/runic in nature, good for some magic backstories (hopefully!). The tattoo comes in black, "scar" colored (so lightly contrasted with the skin), and white. For using the scar or white textures with dark skintones, please use the multi map I included - it will let the color show up, otherwise your skintone will overwrite those light areas and they're hard to see. The base of the baked body textures I included is the bibo+ body type with smooth fingers.

As with anything, I recommend you use penumbra for all your files. Please see below for a link to a guide. Please feel free to edit these personally to suit your particular needs! There are alternative scale cutouts you can use for masking on xma. Please use Atramentum Luminis ( to make your skin asymmetric if you don't want the tattoo to look weird when using vanilla gear.


  • Basic modpack with vanilla bibo textures already set up for convenience
  • Please modify this as needed for your purposes
  • Loose files (see below)
  • Penumbra loose file guide:

Loose files included:

  • Baked diffuse maps
  • Vanilla bibo
  • Vanilla bibo + Ephelis freckles
  • Ephelis blush
  • Ephelis blush + Ephelis freckles
  • Races:
  • Midlander-based (all scaleless races use this, and scaleless xaela)
  • Vanilla scaled Xaela & Raen
  • Scaleless Raen (different base color than other races, even scaleless)
  • Baked normal maps: midlander-based & scaled au ra (scaleless au ra use midlander)
  • Baked multi maps: midlander-based & scaled au ra (scaleless au ra use midlander)
  • Transparent overlays of diffuses & normal maps
  • Please note that these require an image editing program capable of blending modes, such as "multiply," to use correctly
  • Included both scaleless & cut-out versions for vanilla scales


  • Jewelry: Basset necklace & earrings by me, Blair rings by me
  • Lingerie: Insomnia and Martini by Prayer (private rue upscale, feel free to ask for it but it's not tested or probably very good)
  • Body base: rue by me
  • Compatibility: Ephelis Skin for Bibo+ by longerrpigs
  • Photoshop brushes: Arcane Runes I, II, & III and Arcane Circles I, II & III by redheadstock on deviantart; classic magic circles by nomuh on deviantart

To manually install: In textools, open the expandable menus to navigate to your character's type: Character → Body → (Race & sex). Elezen and Miqo use Midlander textures; Roe use Highlander textures; Au Ra and Viera are unique. (Note that all but Au Ra use midlander textures, they just use the same copy in a separate material file. Xaela use midlander but with scales (so scaleless is just midlander), and Raen uses a special color base that remains distinct even scaleless.)To replace the asymmetric bibo texture, change the dropdown "Material" menu to the "Material: bibo" slot. You should see bibo+ asymmetrical diffuse there. The diffuse file goes in "Diffuse." Hit the "..." next to "Import" at the bottom of the window, navigate to where you saved the files, and import them. You can then make a modpack for use with penumbra.

If you would like to use the overlays, the diffuse must be layered with a "multiply" blending option to show up correctly over your texture.

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You will get the following files:
  • TTMP2 (128MB)
  • TTMP2 (128MB)
  • TTMP2 (122MB)
  • ZIP (58MB)
  • ZIP (49MB)
  • ZIP (58MB)
  • ZIP (15MB)
  • ZIP (57MB)
  • ZIP (48MB)