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Litany Tattoo | TBSE & Bibo

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This tattoo tattoo is 4K - please be mindful when you use mare and please convert your textures in penumbra to BC7 to reduce size.

Thank you so much Khalean for being my male model! Bodies shown are TBSE-X, TBSE Type W, and Rue+ 2.0.

This tattoo is fully made in Eorzean script; it's supposed to be about the burden and responsibility of magic. It's very nerdy, but there's a lot packed into it. Hopefully it gives some people some fun RP/lore ideas!

I made the tattoo separately on bibo+ (soft finger) and TBSE textures, so they are mostly the same, but not completely. I included Ephelis options for Bibo as raw textures, and I upscaled and included body hair options for TBSE.

As with anything, I recommend you use penumbra for all your files. Please see below for a link to a guide. Please feel free to edit these personally to suit your particular needs! There are alternative scale cutouts you can use for masking on xma. Please use Atramentum Luminis ( to make your skin asymmetric if you don't want the tattoo to look weird when using vanilla gear.


  • Basic penumbra modpack (.pmp) with vanilla bibo and T1 TBSE textures already set up for convenience
  • Please modify this as needed for your purposes and delete any textures you're not using
  • Loose files (see below)
  • Penumbra loose file guide:

Loose files included:

  • Baked Bibo+ diffuse maps
  • Vanilla bibo
  • Vanilla bibo + Ephelis freckles
  • Ephelis blush (bibo)
  • Ephelis blush + Ephelis freckles (bibo)
  • Races:
  • Midlander-based (all scaleless races use this, and scaleless xaela)
  • Vanilla scaled Xaela & Raen
  • Scaleless Raen (different base color than other races, even scaleless)
  • Baked TBSE diffuses
  • T0
  • T1
  • T2
  • T3
  • Multis included for convenience
  • Transparent overlays of diffuses for standard and aura (vanilla scales)
  • Please note that these require an image editing program capable of blending modes, such as "multiply," to use correctly


  • Compatibility: Ephelis Skin for Bibo+ by longerrpigs
  • 4K Skin Textures by Kartoffel on Nexusmods
  • Bibo
  • TBSE
  • Photoshop brushes: Arcane Circles I, II & III by redheadstock on deviantart; classic magic circles by nomuh on deviantart; ornamental frames by lileya

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  • ZIP (60MB)
  • ZIP (10MB)
  • ZIP (55MB)
  • ZIP (51MB)
  • ZIP (8MB)
  • ZIP (76MB)
  • ZIP (85MB)
  • ZIP (87MB)
  • ZIP (89MB)
  • PMP (55MB)
  • ZIP (94MB)
  • PNG (1MB)