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This tattoo has some Eorzean text worked into the design, with Ishgard's motto ("Of the Sky, From the Sky, For the Sky") down the spine and then some grimoire-style pages I made with Eorzean text on either side of the spine.

I have made standard, ephelis, and freckled ephelis versions for midlander and aura based body types. I also included overlays and a modpack for those who use penumbra. The tattoo is asym, but I included a symmetric version for vanilla stuff, which doesn’t look exactly the same but is better than being untattooed!

The base of the baked body textures I included is the bibo+ body type with smooth fingers. Please use Atramentum Luminis ( to make your skin asymmetric if you don't want the tattoo to look weird when using vanilla gear.


  • Body base: bibo+ by illy, bizu, and tsar
  • Compatibility: Ephelis Skin for Bibo+ by longerrpigs
  • Photoshop Brushes: ornamental frames by lileya

To manually install: In textools, open the expandable menus to navigate to your character's type: Character → Body → (Race & sex). Elezen and Miqo use Midlander textures; Roe use Highlander textures; Au Ra and Viera are unique. The MAT_A goes in the diffuse texture slot for Material A. To replace the asymmetric bibo texture, change the dropdown "Material" menu to the "Material: bibo" slot. You should see bibo+ asymmetrical diffuse there. The diffuse file goes in "Diffuse." Hit the "..." next to "Import" at the bottom of the window, navigate to where you saved the files, and import them.

If you would like to use the overlays, the diffuse must be layered with a "multiply" blending option to show up correctly over your texture.

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (71MB)
  • TTMP2 (212MB)