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This tattoo has some Eorzean text worked into the design, with Ishgard's motto ("Of the Sky, From the Sky, For the Sky") down the spine and a cursive Eorzean palmistry chart worked onto the left hand. It also has a griffon cuff, a moth on the right wrist, wings and planet/moon/star on the shoulders, and a compass arrow on the right ankle.

I have made standard, ephelis, and freckled ephelis versions for midlander and aura based body types. I also included overlays and a modpack for those who use penumbra.

The base of the baked body textures I included is the bibo+ body type with smooth fingers.


  • Sculpt: Personal
  • Jewelry: Covered in Ice by Solona
  • Lingerie: Insomnia by Prayer
  • Hair: Toreador and Gwynne by Curse & Omen, plus a personal bun, all with personal highlights
  • Body base: bibo+ by illy, bizu, and tsar
  • Compatibility: Ephelis Skin for Bibo+ by longerrpigs

To manually install: (Please note that penumbra is much better to use!) In textools, open the expandable menus to navigate to your character's type: Character → Body → (Race & sex). Most of them share the Midlander base skin diffuse except for Highlanders, so you only have two places to look. Change the dropdown "Material" menu to the "Material: bibo" slot. You should see bibo+ asymmetrical diffuse there. The diffuse file goes in "Diffuse" and the normal goes in "Normal" (change between them with the dropdown "Texture Map" menu at the top right). Hit the "..." next to "Import" at the bottom of the window, navigate to where you saved the files, and import them.

If you would like to use the overlays, the diffuse must be layered with a "multiply" blending option to show up correctly over your texture.

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (39MB)
  • TTMP2 (136MB)